Germany’s elektroroller

So, I was recently in Germany, and I kept seeing these amazing little scooters everywhere I went. I saw them everywhere. They were very quiet, and they were very slick looking, so I could distinguish them away from other motor scooters. Eventually, I was so taken by them, that I asked some people about them. I asked locals which company made these, and why they were so popular. They told me that UNU is a local, berlin-based company that is specializing in these amazing electric scooters. They run only on electricity, where you plug the battery into a wall for five hours, and then that charge will last most City people around three days of driving. Some people can have a second battery, and they never have to worry about not being able to drive it, as long as while one is being used, the other is being at some point charge. Anyway, they told me how the company works and it’s very interesting. They told me that the company only makes a scooter when somebody orders one. The customer has the ability to choose the colors and the power of the engine of the electric scooter. So, basically, it is the opposite of how the automotive industry technically works period also, they deliver it right to your door, with top-notch customer service, at a time that you can conveniently be there. There are so many different things about UNU that I think other companies will have to learn from to compete. I’m Amazed by The Innovation, the creativity and the environmental responsibility.
Needless to say, I’d like to elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)