Friends with Benefits, is the new way to form relationships?

Friends with Benefits, is the new way to form relationships?

Dating can be scary. With so many relationships falling apart around us, one can only think of running away. There is a commitment crisis, and as a consequence, open relationships like friends with benefits (or as it is known in social networks, FWB), are a fertile ground for people. This kind of relationship is usually away from the typical heart images of other conventional ways to relate to each other romantically. Let’s explore them in detail to find out if friends with benefits are the new way to establish relationships.

The meaning of Friends with Benefits

First of all, let’s define carefully what does it mean to be friends with benefits. It is an open relationship without commitment. You are friends with somebody up to the point of intimacy. You may have sex and act romantically but without the commitment of being exclusive.

A real relationship of friends with benefits leaves outside the formula jealousy. It is meant to create trust. You can tell the other person anything. Acting judgmental has no room in this sort of relationships. That has proved to be a good start to get to know each other. Most long-term FWB relationships get a deeper understanding than most married couples.

People who have never been engaged in an FWB kind of relationship think that it is all about sex. However, it is not. FWB is just a new way of connecting with others openly.


New Forms to Relate to Each other

With fast food and social networks all around, we need new ways to connect to each other. Think of social sites and messaging networks. They open new possibilities and relationships like F-Buddies and FWB are now standard new ways to create bonds.


Our Conclusion: Yes, it is

Let’s bring back the original question. Are friends with benefits the new way to form relationships? Our conclusion is that indeed it is. People cannot expect any more to have heart images all around. We live in a fast-changing world full of new ways of communicating and connecting with others.

As we evolve, our ways to connect are changing too. The old fashioned typical relationships are proving to be falling apart. There are more divorces than successful marriages, and friends with benefits are an honest way to engage in a relationship that is open and not doomed by tags like exclusive or forever.