Busting myths about app store ranking

                     Busting myths about app store ranking


People sometimes; for app store ranking take such drastic risks that they end up lowering the app ranking. This happens because of some so called beliefs, words of mouth and other misunderstandings about app store ranking.  Before taking any such drastic step few things should be considered. One should not be affected by the blog articles written by random people. Only an expert’s advice should be sought in this regard.


Keywords are the few words that the user enters in the search slot. The search gathers all the relate items. These items are ranked according to how much they match the search query. The search result is based on complicated algorithm systems that are not easily accessible or available. The keyword knowledge is just a part of this whole system. So relying all on keywords will do no good. Sometimes we install certain keywords in our application. After sometimes we see another application is being given high ranking with some different words. Now it would be like committing suicide if you change your keywords right at thins time. The reason is that as our application start to rank at some place with the keywords we had installed, changing them again would start the same procedure all over again. The ranking process will go again at point zero for our application. So changing keywords is not the remedy.

Fake reviews:-

Some however believe that if they can put on fake reviews for their application they could cheat buyers into buying their application. They think download is the key to app store ranking. This might change the download rate for some time. But if the application is not up to the mark and only relying on fake reviews then it will definitely end up being uninstalled. Fake reviews do not work for a long time. Proper investment in coding, launching, marketing should be done. Creating a name of quality will help the application creator bring trust in the customer. This trust would help a long term relationships. The next application to be launched would have a stronger base for making profits.

More downloads more rating:-

A lot of download do not mean a high app store ranking. Sometimes people download an app just because they are curious. They download it and sift through it and then delete it. You will not want to count that. So do not rely on downloads merely. Think different and bring quality.